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KCFDW recommends Mo Malakoutian for Bellevue City Council Pos. 3

Updated: Mar 5

August 4, 2023

King County Federation of Democratic Women is proud to endorse Mo Malakoutian for

Bellevue City Council Pos. 3. Malakoutian has consistently demonstrated effective

leadership and has been an invaluable mentor within our community. His contributions

extend to organizations such as the Bellevue Planning Commission, Wellspring Family Services,

and Boys and Girls Club Basketball. Beyond his extensive volunteer work, Malakoutian has a

successful career in both academia and the high-tech industry.

With a PhD from the University of Washington, Malakoutian serves as an affiliate assistant

professor in various departments, including Civil and Environmental Engineering, the

College of Built Environments, and Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering.

Additionally, he is a graduate and valedictorian of the Foster School of Business Executive MBA

program. Concurrently, Malakoutian has spent the past six years at Amazon, developing

programs aimed at reskilling and upskilling employees, providing them with valuable career

advancement opportunities and facing the tech talent shortage head-on.

Malakoutian's priorities on the Council encompass data-driven practices that foster

diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly in housing solutions. He also seeks to invest in

community safe neighbor programs and to connect those in need with appropriate

resources. In terms of empowering women, Malakoutian is a staunch advocate for policies that

promote workplace equity, such as pay transparency, anti-discrimination measures, and family-

friendly initiatives like paid parental leave, affordable childcare, and flexible work arrangements.

Furthermore, he recognizes the importance of women's representation and participation in

decision-making processes, actively encouraging diverse appointments to local boards,

committees, and commissions.

Malakoutian has garnered endorsements from numerous esteemed leaders, members of the local

business community, UW professors, Women of Color in Politics, the Sierra Club, various trade

unions, Bellevue Firefighters, Affordable Housing Council, Eastside Business Alliance, AGC of

Washington, and Seattle King County Realtors. With his wealth of knowledge, compassion,

care, and expertise, Malakoutian stands as an exceptional candidate who will contribute to

the growth and success of this world-class city.

Sponsored by King County Federation of Democratic Women. Not authorized by any candidate

or candidate's committee. Address: 4957 Lakemont Blvd SE PMB C4-17 Bellevue WA 98006.

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