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Appreciation for the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Program!

I had the immense honor of being a speaker at the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Program on April 17th.

The program itself deserves a round of applause! Amazon's commitment to fostering the next generation of tech innovators through the Future Engineer Scholarship program is truly inspiring.

Witnessing the excitement and passion in the eyes of students from the Puget Sound region, including the Bellevue School District, as they received these prestigious awards was truly heartwarming. The joy on the faces of the students' parents and the Amazon Community Impact team was equally touching.

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship directly aligns with Bellevue's vision of cultivating a vibrant and innovative community. This program will undoubtedly empower these young minds to pursue their engineering dreams and contribute to groundbreaking advancements in the years to come.

A big thank you again to Amazon for their generosity and vision. I eagerly anticipate witnessing the incredible accomplishments of these future engineers!

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